Intense Attachment

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For Wayne Sables‘s interactive dance and technology piece – Intense Attachment – I had the pleasure of working with Hayley Youell on our second project together, to create and perform an original soundtrack for this experimental show. The piece focuses on the performances of two dancers (Keira Martin and Chris Bradley) as an expression of relationships and attachment. It also includes film work (Wayne Sables), interactive installations (Invisible Flock), and evocative lighting (Huw Williams).


We all spent a week under the railway arches in Leeds at Slung Low‘s Holbeck Underground Ballroom working to create this ambitious collaborative work which we performed over the following weekend.

It is an ever-evolving show with these Leeds shows being the second re-imagining of the original incarnation from 2014. The production will now tour and be adapted specially for each performance space. Future dates will be posted on my events page soon. To find out more info go to Wayne Sables Project website.

Intense Attachment at SlungLow from Wayne Sables Project on Vimeo.
It was fantastic to work with such a talented group, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future.


Images by Charlotte Armitage

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