Tiny Shoes

Posted by Nicolas Lewis Category: Projects

Tiny shoes is a site specific audio drama produced by the West Yorkshire Playhouse in conjunction with the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth.

Carrie has made a huge mistake and has run away to Haworth. She needs to wrap herself in the stories that entranced her as a girl and, of course, to talk things through with Charlotte. But Charlotte has her own opinion about what Carrie has done and she isn’t in a forgiving mood.

Working to Emma Adams’ beautiful Bronte-inspired script, I used a combination of recordings, synthesised sounds, binaural mixing and a subtle music score to create the sound world for this headphone experience. It was available to listen to at the Parsonage, the West Yorkshire Playhouse, or online.



A short extract from Tiny Shoes. Make sure to wear headphones for the full effect!

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