Cardboard Joe

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Cardboard Joe lives in a machine … The Book of Mysteries. The Book of Mysteries exists to finish unfinished stories. Joe does too … he just can’t remember how he ended up in there.


Powered by the ideas of audiences -which seem to be in the habit of just turning up- and with the aid of his best friend Perp, he embarks on unpredictable, tangent filled journeys to The End of these abandoned tales!

Cardboard Joe and the Book of Mysteries is an interactive, multi-artform 154 Collective show, commissioned by Small Venues Network. With cartoons, live animation, live sculpting, puppetry, and playable cardboard instruments, every show has been a delightful blur of ideas and fun! And again it was a real pleasure to devise and perform with Dan Mallaghan and Fabric Lenny.

The 2016 tour ran from September to October, visiting a host of Yorkshire venues.



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