Rabbit Girl and the Search for Wonder

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Rabbit Girl and the Search for Wonder is a new theatre show being developed for 2018 by 154 Collective and supported by Creative Scene.

Rabbit Girl and the search for Wonder – Visual Storyboard from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

In April we began the initial stages of the devising process, which involved open development sessions and a series of workshops at various venues in the Kirklees area.

As Fabric Lenny andDan Mallaghan worked on the visual script, I improvised music inspired by their drawings and words. After two days of our collective improvisation, a distinctive sound world for the show began to reveal itself.

Over the following two weeks I co-ran ‘The Search for Wonder’ workshops with Fabric Lenny, Lou Sumray, and Yvonne Roberts which focused on gathering inspiration for visuals, words, and sounds for the show from the community participants. you can read an account of these workshops on the Creative Scene blog here 

So keep an eye out for Rabbit Girl and the Search for Wonder in 2018, Its going to be a real adventure!

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