Wrestling the Walrus

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Wrestling the Walrus is an ongoing 154 Collective project which has started life as an art exhibition and will culminate in the production of a graphic novel and a touring theatre show towards the end of next year.

“Wrestling the Walrus presents the story of two apparent strangers who form an unlikely friendship across a series of seemingly chance encounters. As they share stories from their pasts, they begin to not only question the truth of their adventures, but one of them starts to suspect that they might not actually be strangers after all.”

As with other 154 Collective projects, the narrative of this piece will be split between live action, words, music, and visual art.

Currently at the initial stage of the process, the multi-artform Wrestling the Walrus exhibition will be open between July – August 2017 at Room 700, Leeds. For this exhibition, Hayley Yoeull and I have developed a soundscape which uses song and found sounds to subtly tell the stories and immerse the listener in the worlds of the characters.

The Wrestling the Walrus exhibition is showing at Leeds Central Library from the 19th July – 19th August 2017

The full theatre production of Wrestling the Walrus will be touring in Autumn 2018

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