The Maze of Curiosity

“Heckmondwike’s Market Hall is to be transformed into a cardboard maze with unexpected art lurking around each corner.”

This huge maze was built by Fabric Lenny and Dan Malaghan, and comprised of sculpture, animation, interactive instillations, story telling, and music. For this I composed and performed original music, and created a mini sound instillation.

As visitors entered the maze, they were greeted by my ‘Singing Wall’ instillation. This comprised of a series of proximity sensors and MIDI switches painted onto one of the maze walls. The vistors could use these different controlls, to create music from the samples that I had connected to these.


There was an animation and song video that I had worked on with the super talented Matthew Watkins being displayed:

And as visitors ventured further through the maze they were greeted by live performances from me and Hayley Youell. These are some of the songs we wrote for the event:

The maze was full of visitors from opening to closing, we had great fun watching people explore and performing our songs for them!

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